Dryer/ reactivator oven with air vortex. con

Forced ventilation, temperature programmed up to 98°C

Dimension: 195x160xh. 190cm Weight: 450Kg

Machine Description:




The VULCAN is a dryer/ reactivator oven with air vortex. It comes mostlyused in two ways:

a) to reactivation of parts previously glue;

b) to drying of details in skin or similar, colored or glue for which it is necessary to
reduce the times of drying without to prejudice the quality and the
characteristics of the used products.

It can be used also in order to soften the articles assembled for means of seam, allowing to turn again they with extreme facility. The cargo window can be close from a curtain rolled up flowing in vertical sense, allows to catch up the maximum temperatures in a short time, reducing a lot the power consumption electrical worker.

Can be activated special fans that produce a air blade, in front of the opening, than servants in order to inside contain the heat of the furnace and to isolate the operator from the warm air emission.

The capacity of the furnace is: 184x100x height 67cm. The dimensions of the three undercarriages are: width 61cm; depth 96 cm. The flat trais can be united between they for means of 2 slabs. The flat trais can go outside of 70 cm.

The temperature inside of the furnace can be programmed to a maximum of 98C°.


Brochure VULCAN