Dimension: 37x60x33 Cm  Weight: 13Kg

Processing examples:

goya es1

 goya es3goya es2





Universal dyeing machine GOYA is used for the dyeing of edges of whichever shape and dimension. The structure allows to colour also inner edges, like buttonholes pierced etc. The dye comes dosed on the tool with an appropriate valve to control of the drop. The variable speed concurs to adapt the to dyeing the requirements of the job to execute. While it is executed the dyeing has complete the visual one on the colourful zone. The tools are interchanging and can upon request be supplied with throats of the customer. Being the sealed dye perfectly in the tank and the zone of job, not there are risks that dry. The small beak from which the colour exits can be modified the own requirements. Thewashing is executed moving the special stopper to the water container and leaving to slide the same one rinsingall the distance of the color