Forced ventilation, low temperature.

Air Blade

Dimension: 105x95xh.150cm Peso: 250Kg

Machine Description:

MISTRALMachine model Mistral is a vortex-air drier oven. It is used for drying leather articles which need to be dyed or glued and for which drying time needs to be shortened without compromising the quality and characteristics of the product. This machine is also used for softening materials and improving manoeuverability of pre-assembled articles such as bags etc... It is equipped with two opposite window openings for loading and unloading pieces. The windows are 80cm wide by 60cm high. The drier oven is equipped with two flat trays to externally load the parts to be dried. The oven has two operational methods; with trays for working on small leather pieces or without trays to allow the introduction of pre-assembled bags or cases of various sizes. By activating special fans which produce a blade-like air jet up towards both windows, the heat inside the oven will be retained and the operator protected from any hot air emission

Brochure MISTRAL