forced ventilation, adjustable temperature regolabile from 10 to 90°C

Dimension: 198x78xh. 150cm Weight: 208Kg

Machine Description:




Machine model Monsone is a vortex-air drier oven. It is used for drying leather articles which need to be dyed or glued and for which drying time needs to be shortened without compromising the quality and characteristics of the product.
The machine is equipped with grids onto which the pieces may rest while glueing by means of spray-gun, after glueing, the pieces will be placed into the drier oven which will immediately activate the glue. When colouring, instead, the pieces coloured will be placed to rest on the grid as they are coloured and when the grid is full, it passes to the drier. The drier oven operates by physical phenomenon in order to obtain maximum evaporation in the shortest time possible without altering or distorting the material fibre, infact the sugggested temperature is that just above body temperature.



The dimensions of the grids are: width 140cm; depth 60cm.
Pieces supported on the grids must not to exceed the 12cm of height.
The machine is equipped of two heating and ventilated areas for drying, plus other two pause areas or for cooling.


Brochure MONSONE