Pneumatic straight folding, semi-automatic machine with timer and hot press line 35 cm work table

Fold width regulation from 2 to 15mm

Thickness regulation from 0 to 8 mm

 ARL 35E

Dimension: 61x54xh.35cm  Weight : 39Kg


This machine model ARL35E, created by BIMAC S.r.l. is a straight folding machine with hot line press, designed principally for the processing of leathergoods.

The machine enables both the folding and hot pressing and position regulation from 1 to 3mm. When required, the hot press bench can be substituted with the standard one with which the machine is equipped in order to carry out any standard type of folding.

This machine has two operating cycles; semi-automatic or by timer. Timed folding is carried out by setting the timer or pressing the pedal. When using the semi-automatic cycle, the timer is disconnected and the pedal must be pressed for the required amount of time.

The 350mm workbench allows the folding of numerous pieces contemporaneously or medium sized pieces such as diaries etc. The various settings allow folding widths from a minimum of 3mm to a maximum of 15mm on materials of a thickness from 0,1mm to 6mm.

This machine has only one frontal work station.

Brochure ARL35E