Dimension: 108x106xh. 160cm Weight: 280Kg

Machine Details:




The FOEHN machine is a drying oven to air vortex. It is used mainly for the drying of leather or similar details, colored or glued for which it is necessary to reduce the drying times without compromising the quality and characteristics of the products used. It can also be used to soften the artifacts assembled by means of stitching, allowing to very easily turning. It is equipped withan opening used for the loading and unloading of the pieces. The opening is of a width of 80cm to 60cm in height. You can activate the fan producing an air knife, in front of the opening, and are used to contain the heat inside the oven and
to isolate the operator from the escape of hot air.
The machine is equipped with a container of distilled water, the goal is to maintain the moist air heated inside the oven. In the container a level sensor warns you when you have reached the


Brochure FOEHN