Dimension: 60x68xh.130cm  Weiht: 50Kg


Machine Details:







The GIOTTO dyeing machine is used prevalently for the vertical dyeing of small and mid sized leather goods presenting straight or curved shapes, with the capability of also dyeing pieces featuring very small internal curves, such as buttonholes, etc. This machine can be employed in three different modes: 1) from the left side of the machine wiht the belt system of 10mmdiameter. This allows dyeing all sorts of pieces and details with regular shapes up to a minimum internal radius of 15mm. 2) from the right side the dyeing group is multi-functional and can mount dyeing rollers of very small diameters to a minimum of 2.5mm. This area can dye any type of piece or detail, even buttonholes and perforations. For this group, the dye is fed by a special unit that is controlled by a pneumaticpedal. During the dyeing operation, the pedal is pressed to allow the dye to be dispensed directly onto the roller and in the desired quantity. 3) The dye dosage unit, which is removed from its housing by unfastening the knob which attaches it, can also be employed to dye both the inside and outside of already assembled pieces or for retouching, simply by replacing the nozzle with another standard model or one that is custom made. The machine features variable speed, so as to adapt to any roller diameter employed, or to the difficulties of the work being performed.
Cleaning operations on the group and its tray (left side) are carried out quickly and easily, simply by loosening the orange lever by half a turn, extracting the entire group and rinsing it out with running water. The washing on the right is executed moving the special stopper to the water container and leaving to slide the same one rinsing all the distance of the color.

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