Dimension: 98x180xh.186cm  Weight: 358Kg

Machine Desciption:

STAR 7The STAR-7 is a cyclical rotation drying oven. It is used mostly for the drying of leather pieces and similar dyed or assembled articles, for which it is necessary to reduce drying times without compromising the quality and specifications of the products being employed. It can be operated in two modes: 1) Complete cycle, with loading and unloading of material to be dried from the same opening.
2) Semi-cycle, with unloading of material from the side opposite the loading side. The machine features a loading timer control which can be set by the operator as required, and normally depends on the type of product used and time required by the workmanship preceding the drying operation. The work cycle can be set with the timed rotation in automatic or manual modes, simply by pressing the appropriate button when the loading phase has been completed. Forced rotation ventilation inside the oven allows for fast and complete drying at an average temperature of 40° C with staying times that can vary from a
minimum of two to several minutes, depending exclusively on the size of the articles and loading speed. Overall capacity is provided by six baskets, each of which can collect a load volume of 80cm x 40cm by 40 cm in height. With no external dispersion of heat the oven's electrical consumption is limited to just 6 kW to reach its set temperature, after which its consumption drops by 60% as it maintains set values. The STAR-7 introduces some innovationes regarding version STAR-6,
in the front part, air blades close to the window, does not allow the emission of warm air blocks, improving of the recycling and preventing to annoy the operator. The opening of the window on the back side, allow to the load and unload from both sides improving therefore the versatility.

Brochure STAR-7